Thickies Logo

Mockup Image of Thickies website on iPhone and iPad

For the Thickies project, we crafted a vibrant and user-friendly online platform for a client eager to engage a diverse customer base. The Thickies website was designed to cater to a variety of personas, including busy working moms seeking impressive treats for social gatherings and cookie enthusiasts looking for visually appealing and delicious creations to share on social media.

Key features include an order management system, a detailed showcase of the client’s cookie lineup with high-quality images, and a dedicated section for upcoming events where customers can visit the client’s booth.

A unique aspect of this project was incorporating the client’s storytelling, allowing her to share her journey with the same charisma and passion she exhibits at events. We ensured the content management system was intuitive and user-friendly, enabling her to update content without needing coding skills. Additionally, we implemented a straightforward system for order processing and customer communication to enhance the user experience.

Image of About Me Page for Rita Owner of Thickies

We utilized the WordPress platform for its user-friendly interface and extensive plugin library, which provided the flexibility needed for future content updates and changes. Our design followed a mobile-first approach to ensure an optimal experience across all devices.

Integration with the client’s Instagram account was also crucial, allowing her to connect with her existing online customer base and display her social media posts directly on the website. Through meticulous planning, design, development, and testing, we delivered a dynamic website that aligns with the client’s goals and offers a delightful experience for her diverse audience.